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Louis Rosenfeld

Louis Rosenfeld is an independent information architecture (IA) consultant, and founder and publisher of Rosenfeld Media (, a publishing house focused on user experience books. He has been instrumental in helping establish the fields of information architecture and user experience, and is sometimes referred to as a 'father of IA'.

With Peter Morville, Louis co-authored the best-selling book, Information Architecture for the World Wide Web (O'Reilly, 1998; 2nd edition, 2002; 3rd edition, 2006),'s "Best Internet Book of 1998". With over 120,000 in sales, it has been acclaimed as a classic and is used as a standard text in many graduate-level classes.

Louis has contributed regular columns for CIO, Internet World and Web Review magazines, and has written and edited numerous other books, chapters, and scholarly articles.

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