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Enterprise Information Architecture - Louis Rosenfeld

Developing a unified web site or intranet for a large, decentralized organization is the Holy Grail for many of today's Internet professionals. This day-long seminar is for managers and web professionals who desperately want to tie together content in a rational, user-centered way, regardless of content ownership issues, cultural hurdles, and turf battles.

This advanced information architecture seminar combines lecture, demonstration and exercises, discussion, and handouts to address a topic that bewilders every large organization: designing unified information architectures for large enterprises. You'll learn to:

  • Develop main pages and other upper-level "portal" components that convey a single cohesive organization, not a collection of warring business units.

  • Use metadata and contextual navigation to help users move from one content-rich page to another, regardless of which business unit manages that content.

  • Design search interfaces for improved access to content stored in organizational "silos".

  • Better implement an enterprise-wide information architecture through appropriate research and design methods and improved governance.

During the day, we'll cover these topics:

  • Overview of enterprise information architecture (EIA)

  • EIA from the top-down: taxonomies, guides, and other techniques for unifying departmental content

  • EIA from the bottom-up: content models and metadata to enable contextual
  • EIA and search: indexing cross-departmental content, presenting results consistently

  • EIA and the organization: models for rolling out an enterprise information architecture, staffing it, and paying for and managing it in a distributed corporate environment

Who should attend:

Information architects, content managers, webmasters, managers, and others pulling out their hair to develop a unified information architecture for a large, political, and decentralized organization's web site or intranet.

  • If you're a beginner at information architecture, you should read a good book on the subject before attending.

  • If you're an experienced information architect, you'll appreciate a seminar that goes beyond the basics of wireframes and blueprints and instead focuses on designs and supporting methods that actually work in the enterprise setting.

  • If you're a manager, you'll benefit especially from the discussion of governance and other organizational considerations that impact an enterprise information architecture.

Schedule May 18, 2009

8:30-9:00 AM
Registration and Coffee
9:00-12:30 AM
Workshop with one break
12:30-1:30 PM
1:30-5:00 PM
Workshop with one break

Louis Rosenfeld is with Peter Morville the author of the best-selling book, Information Architecture for the World Wide Web (O'Reilly, 1998; 2nd edition, 2002; 3rd edition, 2006),'s "Best Internet Book of 1998".
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